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The online order offering and pickup at point-of-sale

Next day France

Looking to make managing your Click & Collect offering easier?

With the integrated Pickup notification system, Chronopost offers you a turnkey solution to deliver your parcels

Detailed features


Maximum : 30 kg




Maximum :                               L ≤ 150 cm        

L + 2 H + 2 l ≤ 300 cm


Chronopost offers you an express delivery solution for your Click & Collect orders in your points of sale, with your own notification system or the integrated Pickup notification. Delivery lead times depend on the preferred notification system.


You have your notification system: 
We will provide next-day delivery before 10:00 am, 1:00 pm or 6:00 pm in metropolitan France and to 230 countries and international territories according to delivery times for Chrono Classic or Chrono Express products. 
You would like to use the integrated Pickup notification system: 
We will provide next-day delivery before 1:00 pm in metropolitan France. For some islands off the coast, lead times can be extended by one day. For deliveries to Corsica and on the day after a public holiday, deliveries may be made at any time during the day without any time commitment.


With your own notification system, Chronopost provides its service for parcels shipped within all of metropolitan France including Corsica and Monaco (except for deliveries before 10:00 am (*more than 25,000 towns and cities served – consult the list of postal codes eligible for delivery before 10:00 am, available here)). 
Chronopost also ships to 230 countries and international territories. For information on delivery times for international shipments, consult the country sheets. 
With the integrated Pickup notification system, Chronopost provides its service for parcels shipped within all of metropolitan France, including Corsica and Monaco.



Chronopost will collect your parcels from Monday to Friday and Saturday depending on operational and economic feasibility. If feasible, a supplement will be charged for the agreed service.


Saturday delivery

For parcels collected on Friday, or Thursday if Friday is a public holiday, you may request delivery for Saturday before 10:00 am or 1:00 pm for metropolitan France.

Ad Valorem Insurance

You can insure the transported goods up to €20,000 per parcel in the event of loss or damage, including cases of force majeure, upon presentation of receipts. 
The insurance does not cover restricted goods and documents, wrongful conduct by the sender or consignee, defects affecting the item shipped, or improper packaging. For more information, consult the general terms of sale applicable to you.

Collection on request (ESD)

Chronopost offers you the option of booking your collection on request. Login on www.chronopost.fr and select your preferred time slot.


Generally speaking, the following goods are prohibited:
  • any goods covered by national or international regulations on hazardous products, such as, but not limited to, munitions, gases, flammable, radioactive, toxic, infectious or corrosive materials and all items which, due to their nature or packing, may be dangerous for drivers or handling staff, the environment or the safety of transport vehicles or could damage or harm the other parcels carried, vehicles or third parties;
  • jewellery, watches and clocks, precious stones and metals, coins, currency, bank notes, financial stock, securities or payment instruments, bills of exchange, gift vouchers, telephone cards or equivalent and, generally, any paper document or document on another type of medium used to make a fungible payment and/or governed by cash transportation regulations,
  • Animals or living persons or corpses, plants, goods under controlled temperatures or perishable foodstuffs and all excise goods under suspension of duties,
  • Firearms, weapons of war or collector’s weapons, loaded or unloaded, drugs, psychotropics, works of art, antiques, publications or audio-visual materials prohibited by any applicable laws or regulations,
  • Tender bids, pre-qualification files for the award of procurement contracts and exam sheets. 
For more information, consult the general terms and conditions of sale applicable to you.