PAE Standard Terms
and Conditions


The purpose of these terms and conditions is to define how transport services of documents and goods are performed by CHRONOPOST under the CHRONOPOST INTERNATIONAL® brand. They apply to Prêt-à Expédier (PAE) services subject to compliance with standards, restrictions and specific destinations that appear on the packaging. The list of countries served and special features of the services offered are available at Irrespective of the capacity in which it operates, particularly as forwarding agent or carrier, CHRONOPOST undertakes to route parcels from processing to agreed destination using the itinerary, procedure and carriers it may choose. By using the Prêt-à-Expédier service, the sender unreservedly accepts these terms and conditions. Unless they are expressly accepted by CHRONOPOST, no special or other conditions or other terms and conditions issued by the sender may take precedence over these terms and conditions. Moreover, no CHRONOPOST agents or their substitutes are authorized to alter these provisions.


All items sent must comply with the specific standards regarding weight (including packaging), size and maximum resistance given on the Prêt-à-Expédier packaging. If these standards are exceeded, items will be carried at the sender’s risk and CHRONOPOST will not be liable for the consequences.


Generally speaking, the list of goods that may not be carried includes but is not limited to:

  • all goods covered by national and international regulations regarding dangerous substances such as but not limited to ammunition, gasses, flammable, radioactive, toxic, infectious or corrosive materials as well as all items which, by their nature or packaging, could present a danger to driving or handling staff, the environment, the safety of transport vehicles or damage the other parcels being carried, vehicles or third parties,
  • jewelry, clocks and watches, precious stones and metals, coins, cash, banknotes, securities, bearer shares or certificates particularly paper instruments, gift certificates, telephone cards or equivalents as well as any paper or other document subject to legality of cash in transit and used to make a payment fungible,
  • live or dead animals or other beings, goods at controlled temperature or perishable foodstuffs, as well as any excise goods under suspension of duty,
  • firearms, weapons of war or collection irrespective of whether they are loaded, narcotics, objets d'art, antiques, audiovisual publications or media prohibited by any applicable law or regulations, 
  • responses to invitations to tender, prequalification dossiers for the awarding of contracts and exam papers. Internationally, in addition to the goods covered by the above restrictions, the following may not be carried:
  • furs, plants and perishable foodstuffs, psychotropic drugs, transferable securities and any items the importing of which is prohibited in the destination country. 

Senders undertake to inform CHRONOPOST about any characteristics of goods that are not obvious when such characteristics might affect the shipping of the goods. Where senders entrust CHRONOPOST with items covered by the above restrictions, such items will be carried at the sender’s risk and CHRONOPOST will not be liable. If the above provisions are breached, senders authorize CHRONOPOST to dispose of the parcels as CHRONOPOST sees fit, including abandoning the routing, and will compensate CHRONOPOST for all the consequences it sustains as a result, irrespective of type. Moreover, if a sender entrusts CHRONOPOST with goods subject to excise duty paid, without prejudice to the above restrictions, he/she undertakes to comply with the regulatory constraints in force, particularly as regards traceability, to prove if required that he/she has dealt correctly with the duties so that CHRONOPOST may not be disturbed or pursued. In compliance with the regulations on the safety of air transport, senders are advised that all parcels loaded into aircraft are subject to safety inspections that may include the use of X-rays.


Senders may take out an option whereby delivery is ensured by 10 a.m. the next day (Chrono 10® delivery option). This option is available for all Prêt-à-Expédier packaging formats in the Chrono 13® range. An additional charge is made when the item for delivery is dropped off, and service is subject to availability at the destination address.



The sender is responsible for:

  • inserting the documents or goods to be shipped in the Prêt-à-Expédier packaging and ensuring that it has been sealed. On this point the sender is liable for any damage caused to third parties and/or CHRONOPOST by parcels covered by the above restrictions and for all consequences resulting from failure to comply with these restrictions.
  • fully filling out the shipping note on the Prêt-à-Expédier packaging, particularly the information about the name and address of the consignee (including the door code). This information must be precise, accurate and complete to ensure correct distribution,
  • entering the consignee’s telephone number on the shipping note (this is considered compulsory information).
  • depositing the filled, sealed Prêt-à-Expédier at a post office counter or the CHRONOPOST shop or depot of his/her choice. 
  • customs formalities: the exporter and/or importer must present all the documents required for completion of the customs formalities in accordance with the applicable regulations. The exporter and/or importer must pay any costs incurred by CHRONOPOST in the event of any inaccurate declaration being made together with any costs incurred by the consignee if the consignee has not paid them. No parcel may be shipped under the temporary exports rules. CHRONOPOST may not be held liable for actions performed or omissions for which the exporter and/or importer or customs authorities are responsible. The exporter and/or importer is solely liable for all the financial consequences resulting from declarations or documents that are inaccurate, incomplete, non-applicable or provided late or for any breach of the provisions of the French Code Général des Impôts (General Tax Code) that may result in CHRONOPOST having to pay additional duties, taxes or fines imposed by the administration concerned.



In the context of customs or security inspections, the sender accepts that CHRONOPOST, in its capacity as an authorized agent, or any government authority including customs is entitled to open and inspect parcels entrusted to it at any time, without the exercising of this right affecting the fact that the sender remains solely responsible for the accuracy of its declarations.


On delivery the consignee must make full, accurate written reserves concerning any damage or missing items. Such reserves must be signed and dated on the proof of delivery. The digitized signature of the consignee together with reproductions thereof constitute proof of delivery of parcels and the parties acknowledge that such signature has the same legal value as a traditional signature on paper. Any item held is handed over to the consignee or his/her agent upon presentation of an identity document and after payment of any applicable customs dues. In the event of an unsuccessful attempt to deliver, unless the sender expresses his/her opposition, the consignee is offered an interactive delivery service for items shipped within the country. The consignee thus receives notification of delivery and may change the following directly with CHRONOPOST:

  • the initial delivery date, (with a maximum of 6 days as of the initial date), and/or
  • choose a delivery point other than that initially chosen by the sender, i.e. either a post office or a local pick-up location (Pickup shop or CHRONOPOST depot) offered by CHRONOPOST inside the initial delivery perimeter, or choose the address of an identified neighbor. In the event of the consignee giving CHRONOPOST instructions to postpone the delivery day, the sender is not entitled to claim compensation based on lateness. This service is activated from when CHRONOPOST is given the consignee’s mobile phone number (on transport labels and/or when files are sent at the end of the day).




CHRONOPOST is liable for loss or material damage caused to parcels during transport or for non-delivery, except where the sender or consignee is at fault, where there is force majeure, an inherent defect in the item or inadequate packaging which constitute some but not all the reasons for CHRONOPOST not being liable. Where CHRONOPOST’s liability is established, CHRONOPOST is liable for the original value of the goods, the cost of repairing them or the direct cost of reconstituting documents. This liability is limited to €250 per parcel and will only be paid on presentation of supporting documents. In the event of the parcels concerned containing filled-out checks or bank cards, CHRONOPOST is only liable for the direct costs of reconstituting the said checks or cards up to the aforementioned limits. Under no circumstances may CHRONOPOST be liable for the face value of the filled-out checks contained in the shipment, the loss of cash due to lateness or losses occurring during routing or the consequences of checks being refused for late presentation or the illegal use of content.


For shipments sent within the country, processing is understood as taking place between Monday and Saturday morning for delivery between Monday and Friday except on public holidays. Saturday deliveries are available as an option. Actual lead times may be one day longer for some coastal islands, PO boxes, poste restante and sorting on arrival services (TSA). For Corsica and the day after a public holiday, delivery may take place on that day without any commitment regarding lead-time. For international shipping, processing is understood as taking place from Monday to Friday, except for items dropped off on Saturdays for which lead-times start on the following Monday. Deliveries are made on days that are considered working days, other than public holidays, in the country of destination. In the event of late delivery for which it is responsible, CHRONOPOST undertakes to pay compensation that may not be greater than the cost of carriage excluding dues, taxes and miscellaneous costs (in accordance with Article 22.3 of the model contract – Decree No. 99-269 dated 6 April 1999).


CHRONOPOST may not be held liable to cover any intangible or indirect loss irrespective of the cause.


The sender may insure the content of parcels up to the maximum authorized limits, except for restricted goods and items containing filled-out checks and bank cards. Such insurance is subject to payment of the premium given on the tables and conditions shown on the published price posters or available at The insured value replaces the contractual limit of liability for loss and damage. It does not cover intangible damage, losses resulting from lateness or indirect losses such as loss of market share or profits or loss of use. This insurance does not cover faults committed by the sender or the consignee, defects, inadequate packaging, terrorist attacks, popular uprising, riots, circumstances of war and any nuclear damage. As CHRONOPOST takes out such insurance on the sender’s behalf, the sender has direct recourse against the insurer to cover its loss. 


In order to be valid, all complaints must be specifically addressed to the Customer Service department  whose contact details are given on the shipping note within twenty-one (21) days following the delivery. Complaints must be justified and accompanied by proof of the loss sustained (transport label, purchase invoice, etc.). If no detailed reserves have been entered on the proof of delivery by the consignee, the person making the complaint must provide proof that the damage took place during carriage and show that the damage can be attributed to the transport.


If any of the provisions of these conditions proves invalid or is deemed null and void, all the other provisions will continue to apply.


All actions are subject to a one-year statute of limitation as of the delivery date or the day on which delivery should have occurred.


All the data collected about the sender and the consignee are necessary for the performance of the transport services. CHRONOPOST undertakes to protect the confidentiality of personal data and information provided by the sender and/or the consignee and to process them in compliance with the amended French Data Protection Act dated 6 January 1978. CHRONOPOST hereby gives notice that this data will be used by its own staff and any third parties located both inside and outside of the European Union that participates in the performance of the services, in particular:

  • to perform the transport service,
  • to consolidate and personalize communication particularly by sending newsletters, special offers and special e-mails in the context of personalizing the business relationship,
  • to measure levels of satisfaction of consignees and improving CHRONOPOST offers and services through e-mail and telephone satisfaction surveys. In this context CHRONOPOST may have to send data to third parties located outside the European Union in strict compliance with the regulations.

If the sender is a business customer, it undertakes to have met all the legal formalities necessary for processing the personal data it uses provided by its customers and to ensure the protection thereof. In particular the sender undertakes to give consignees prior notice of the transfer to CHRONOPOST or any third parties involved in the performance of the services of their personal data for the performance of the service, particularly their postal contact details, e-mail address and telephone number(s).

Contracting parties may at any time exercise their right to access the file, their right not to be canvassed and their right to correct or delete information about them by sending a request, giving their e-mail address, surname, forename and postal address, to: Chronopost SAS – Direction juridique – 3 avenue Gallieni 94250 GENTILLY.


These conditions are subject to French law. Any disputes relating to them brought by business customers come under the sole jurisdiction of the Paris Commercial Court.



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