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Do you need express delivery services for your temperature-sensitive products?

With BioLogistic, Chronopost subsidiary, your healthcare products are delivered express and under temperature-controlled conditions.

Detailed features


Maximum : 25 kg




BioLogistic optimises its transport solutions according to the business sector thanks to a fleet of specific, temperature-controlled vehicles:
  • Express next-day, temperature-controlled delivery of your healthcare products all over metropolitan France
  • dedicated delivery routes: support in the planning, optimisation and safeguarding of delivery routes
  • urgent deliveries by road in France and internationally: provision of a quote and organisation of transport within a short time frame
  • urgent deliveries by air in France and internationally: delivery time depending on the destination


BioLogistic provides its service for parcels shipped from all of metropolitan France. Delivery is available for all of metropolitan France and to about 50 countries internationally (list of destination countries available for download here). 



  • Transport your samples under ideal clinical conditions: 
– Controlled temperature (-20°C, +2°C/+8°C, +15°C/+25°C)
– Adherence to the agreed delivery times
– Temperature traceability 
  • Secure transport of your clinical studies: 
– Compliance with your specifications 
– Securing of your research work 
– Confidentiality of shipments via our sealed containers 
  • Ensure the continuous supply of your blood and blood-derived products: 
– Compliance with good transport practices 
– Control of three-temperature transport 
– Specific packing and packaging 
– Standardised temperature traceability


BioLogistic will collect your parcels from Monday to Friday and Saturday depending on operational and economic feasibility.
Saturday collection is available depending on operational and economic feasibility.


In the event the recipient is absent, the parcel is returned to the BioLogistic distribution depot, and the sender is contacted to arrange a re-delivery.


Saturday delivery

Parcels are collected from Monday to Thursday for delivery from Monday to Friday. For delivering within the Ile-de-France region, collection is available on Friday for Saturday delivery.



All products other than healthcare products.

In any event, and with the exception of specific contractual clauses, the following goods are restricted: any goods covered by national or international regulations on hazardous products, such as, but not limited to, munitions, gases, flammable, radioactive, toxic, infectious or corrosive materials and all items which, due to their nature or packing, may be dangerous for drivers or handling staff, the environment or the safety of transport vehicles or could damage or harm the other parcels carried, vehicles or third parties;
The Consignor undertakes to inform the Service Provider of any non-apparent special features of the goods that could affect delivery operations.
The Consignor shall be liable for all consequences resulting from a failure to provide information on and declare the exact nature and specific characteristics of the good when the latter requires specific provisions, particularly with regard to its value and/or any concerns it is likely to raise due to its hazardousness or fragility. In addition, the Consignor expressly undertakes to not turn over to the Service Provider illicit or prohibited goods (for example, counterfeit goods, drugs, etc.).
If the Consignor hands over items or documents other than healthcare products to the Service Provider, and without the prior approval of the Service Provider, they will be carried at the Consignor’s sole risk without the Service Provider being liable. The Consignor will therefore be liable for any consequences resulting from failure to observe the restrictions and will be liable for damage to third parties and/or the Service Provider.
In the event of a breach of the above provisions, the Consignor authorises the Service Provider to dispose of the parcels in the manner it deems appropriate, including the right to abort the delivery of the parcel, and shall indemnify the Service Provider from and against any consequences arising therefrom, of any kind whatsoever.
The Service Provider may agree to ship certain types of hazardous goods, covered by exemptions under special provisions or packed in limited quantities within the meaning of the ADR agreement and the IATA regulations, provided that an agreement is reached before the carriage of the goods.
In all cases, hazardous goods will only be accepted if the Consignor complies with the special labelling, marking, documentation and packaging rules. Certain goods require that the Consignor provide a specific delivery slip

For more information, consult the general terms and conditions of sale of BioLogistic.