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your parcel

Picto Calendrier


You have received a message about the delivery of a parcel with the possibility of rescheduling the delivery. Choose between an alternate delivery date, delivery to a local contact point or delivery to a nominated neighbor.


We realize that the unexpected can happen any time.
Predict enables you to select an alternate delivery date to suit you and opt for delivery to your home, a nominated neighbor or a local contact point  even when your parcel is making its way to you!
Depending on the status of your shipment , you can access the form by tracking your package 
Track your parcel 

Picto Application mobile

Mobile app

You choose, your parcels follow!

Use the Chronopost app to track the delivery of your parcel on the move, receive notificationby email or text message and locate the nearest local contact point to pick it up.
(available for iOS and Android)