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To send worldwide, to understand the tracking of your shipments, to to know the steps in case of disputes... all the answers about your questions are here.

Sending your parcels (4)
Are there any restrictions to the goods or documents transported by Chronopost?

We are unable to transport certain goods that are strictly prohibited, such as jewellery, animals, weapons and plants.

How do I send my parcel ?

Sending your parcel in a few simple steps :
1. Fill in your shipping information (you can send up to 5 parcels to the same addressee)

What are the delivery times and rates ?

Do you want to find out our rates and delivery times for the services you need ? It's quick and easy with E-Chrono.

What are the maximum weights and dimensions allowed ?

We'll deliver your parcels weighing up to 30 kg all over the world. 
For the Chrono Relais service, your parcel must weigh 20 kg or less.

Sending your parcels internationally (4)
To whom are the customs duties and import taxes charged ?

Duties and taxes are charged to the recipient of the shipment at the time of delivery.
In some cases, Chronopost can accept parcels sent DDP (Delivered Duty Paid).

What are customs duties and import taxes and how to calculate them ?

For shipments coming from a country outside the European Union, the customs service will apply a tax (known as customs duties). 

What is a Prior Notice?

The American Health Security and Bioterrorism Act, published in 2012, aims to safeguard the American population from any health risks related to terrorism.

When do I need to use a pro forma or commercial invoice ?

Whether you're sending goods for commercial purposes or not, you must attach customs documents (invoices in triplicate), which must contain precise information on the nature, origin and value of th

Tracking and delivery of your parcels (8)
Can I get proof of delivery ?

If you are the addressee:
Please contact your sender to obtain proof of delivery of your parcel.

If you are the sender:

How long will my parcel be kept at the pickup point and what if I can't get there to pick it up ?

If your parcel is delivered to a local pickup point, it will be available for :

Was the SMS/email I received sent by Chronopost ?
If the message is from Chronopost, the message sender will be:
What if I'm not at home at the time of delivery ?

Depending on the choice of your sender, you can choose to rearrange your delivery for another date of your choice or have your parcel delivered to one of our local pickup p

When will my parcel be delivered ?

Chronopost offers you the option of receiving your parcels between 8 am and 10 pm, Monday to Sunday according the option chosen by your sender.                                                     

A quel moment et comment le client reçoit-il son code sécurisé ?

Le client reçoit son code sécurisé à deux reprises. Une première fois, la veille au soir de la livraison.

Qu’est ce qu’une livraison sur présentation d’un code sécurisé ou d’un code PIN ?

En choisissant Chronopost vous pouvez bénéficier de la livraison sur présentation d’un code sécurisé (option possible sur demande de l'expéditeur).

Que faire si je n'ai pas reçu mon code sécurisé ?

Tous les colis ne sont pas éligibles à la livraison avec code sécurisé. 

Covid-19 (4)
Comment faciliter la livraison de mes colis ?

Au moment de la commande, nous vous invitons à bien renseigner votre numéro de téléphone portable. Le livreur pourra ainsi vous appeler avant leur passage.

Est-ce que les chauffeurs ont reçu des consignes particulières pour la livraison des colis ?

Depuis le début de cette crise sanitaire, Chronopost met tout en œuvre pour garantir la santé et la protection de ses équipes et de ses clients.

Prenez-vous la température de vos employés à l’entrée de vos sites ?

Nous avons diffusé très largement, auprès de tous nos collaborateurs, les consignes sanitaires de précaution.

Les livreurs doivent-ils présenter le Pass Sanitaire ?

Le personnel effectuant des activités de livraison sont exonérés du pass sanitaire 

Changing your delivery (4)
I gave delivery instructions but I want to change them, is that possible ?

The parcel is probably already out for delivery and it's no longer possible to make changes to the delivery route.

I want to change the date or address of my delivery; is that possible?

Yes it is! Thanks to Predict, you can change your delivery to suit your availability. 

I've changed my delivery date but I won't be at home to receive the delivery, what should I do ?

On the scheduled day of delivery, you will receive a message giving a specific time slot in which the driver will arrive.

Comment fonctionnent les options Predict de Chronopost avec le code sécurisé ?

La livraison avec code sécurisé de Chronopost est associée à Predict.
Le destinataire reçoit son code sécurisé pour une livraison à domicile.

Claims and compensation (4)
How can I contact Customer Service ?

Individual Customer Service can be contacted at +33 (0)9 69 391 391 (standard rate call)

Will I be compensated if my parcel is lost ?

If you are the addressee: 
Please contact your sender.

Will I be compensated in case of late delivery ?

If you are the addressee: 
Please contact your sender.