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To send worldwide, to understand the tracking of your shipments, to to know the steps in case of disputes... all the answers about your questions are here.

Shipping deadlines and Prices - Private (2)
How can I find out the delivery lead time for my parcel?

When creating your transport label online, we will tell you the delivery date for your parcel once you have filled in all the

How much does a parcel cost?

You can use this form to estimate the cost of a parcel or envelope created on line. 

Worldwide shipping - Private (7)
Can customs hold my shipment?

Parcels are controlled by the customs services upon arrival in the country of destination.

What are pro forma invoices and commercial invoices?

Pro forma invoices are used when a parcel has no commercial value or if the parcel is not destined for sale.

What customs formalities should be complied with when sending a parcel abroad?

Customs formalities may vary depending on the country of destination. Browse our country information sheets to find out the specifics of each country.

What is a Prior Notice?

The American Health Security and Bioterrorism Act, published in 2012, aims to safeguard the American population from any health risks related to terrorism.

Where can Chronopost deliver to?

Chronopost delivers to 230 countries and  territories. [scald=268:file_representation {"option":"{\u0026quot;link\u0026quot;:\u0026quot;This option is currently available for Image Atoms only.\u002

Which destinations are subject to customs' formalities?

All non-EU destinations are subject to customs' formalities, including French Overseas Territories, overseas countries and communities, and Andorra.

Who pays for customs' duties and import taxes?

Customs' duties and taxes are paid for by the consignee when the parcel is delivered.

Sending parcels - Private (1)
Where can I drop off my shipment?

You can drop off your shipments in one of our 17,500 drop-off points:

Parcel delivery - Private (16)
Can my parcel be delivered on Saturdays?

Yes, if your sender has selected the Saturday delivery option.

Does Chronopost deliver my parcel coming from abroad?

We rely on the global network of postal operators to deliver your parcels coming from abroad:
For "express" shipments:

How can I be sure that the text message/email I received was actually sent by Chronopost?

Please take note of the fraudulent use of our name and brand.
All messages issued by Chronopost are sent from the following senders:

How can I find out my Chronopost tracking number for a shipment sent from abroad?

Ask your sender for the tracking number.
As soon as your parcel enters our network, you will be able to track it using our website and mobile application.

How many days do I have to pick up my parcel?

If your parcel is available at a pick-up location, it will be held there for you to collect for:

I gave a delivery-related instruction but now I want to change it. What do I need to do?

The driver has planned their delivery round to ensure maximum efficiency as regards addresses and each consignee's requests.

I received a delivery notice, what should I do?

Delivery notices are left by Chronopost drivers so that you know where to find your parcel:

I received a text message/email asking me to click a link. What is this about?

Text messages or emails asking you to click a link are from Predict! 

I requested my delivery to be made at a later date when in actual fact I will not be in. What will happen?

On the day of the delivery, you will receive a message giving you a precise delivery time slot.

My parcel was put directly in my letterbox. Is this standard procedure?

If you are not in when our driver attempts to deliver your parcel, some of our products – parcel dimensions and weight permitting – can be put directly in your letterbox.

On the day of delivery, I received a text message/email specifying a driver delivery time. What is it?

On the day your parcel is to be delivered, we will send you a time slot indicating what time the delivery driver will arrive.

What happens if I am not in when the Chronopost driver attempts to deliver a parcel?

If you are not in, the driver will put a delivery notice in your letterbox (your letterbox must be accessible).

What should I do if I am unable to pick up my parcel at the pick-up location?

You can appoint someone with your identification to pick up the parcel on your behalf.

What should I do if my parcel is damaged when I receive it?

Write details of the damage on the dedicated slip note, in the presence of the delivery driver.

The details must:

What time will I receive my parcel with Chronopost?

We carry out all deliveries between 8am and 6pm. Depending on what delivery service your sender has chosen, your parcel may arrive before 10am, before 1pm or before 6pm.

Our offers and solutions - Private (2)
What delivery solutions can I use to send my parcels?

Sending a parcel has never been easier:

Will I receive compensation for loss or damage?

If Chronopost is found liable, you will receive compensation for the original value of the goods, the repair costs or the direct cost of reconstituting documents for up to €250 per parcel and upon

Prepare your shipments - Private (4)
Are there any restrictions to the goods or documents transported by Chronopost?

We are unable to transport certain goods that are strictly prohibited, such as jewellery, animals, weapons and plants.

What are the maximum parcel weights and dimensions?

We provide worldwide delivery of documents and goods sent by envelope or parcel weighing from a few grams to 30 kg.

Where can I get hold of a transport label?

You can create and print your own transport label on line at
Make sending your shipments easier regardless of how often you send parcels or where you send them to.

Complaint - Private (4)
How long do I have to make a claim?

You can make a claim up to 14 days after the delivery date for domestic shipments and up to 21 days for international shipments.

Suis-je indemnisé en cas de perte de mon colis ?
Si vous êtes le destinataire :

Nous vous invitons à contacter votre expéditeur.

Si vous êtes l'expéditeur :
Suis-je indemnisé en cas de retard de livraison ?
Si vous êtes le destinataire:

Nous vous invitons à contacter votre expéditeur.
Track your parcel - from foreign countries - Private (2)
How can I calculate customs duties and import taxes?

For shipments from non-EU countries, a charge will be applied by customs (customs duty):
Tax amount = VAT + customs duty + administration fee

Who pays for customs' duties and import taxes?

Customs' duties and taxes are paid for by the consignee when the parcel is delivered.

Track your parcel - Private (7)
How can I get proof of my parcel being delivered?

Did you create a transport label on line?

How can I track my parcel?

With Chronopost, you can track your parcel 24/7, from shipment to delivery.

How do I find out my tracking number?

If you have not received it, check your email spam folder.
Alternatively, contact your sender who will be able to give you the number.

What do I do if the website states that the parcel has been delivered and I have not received it?

Contact our Customer Service team promptly by telephone +33 (0)9 69 39 13 91 (standard rate) so that we can help you. We are open from Monday to Friday (8am-7pm) and Saturdays (8am-12pm).

What is the Automatic Tracking Message (ATM) and how can I use it?

If you would like to receive a free email notification when your shipment has been delivered or important information relating to your parcel, simply:

Where can I find my shipment number?

The Chronopost shipment number is the reference used for tracking your item.