Our Responsibility Commitment

The Responsibility Commitment of Chronopost is based on staff, commitment to the environment and contribution to society.

The company has been undertaking numerous actions to retain its workforce, develop their skills as well as attract new talent. To find out more about our employer brand, please visit our dedicated page. 

Our contribution to society is also reflected in our commitment to the regions where we operate, through support for the local economic fabric and through environmental, social and solidarity-based actions.

Moreover, for the past twenty years, Chronopost has been committing to offering more sustainable deliveries. As early as 2005, when the first electric deliveries were made with the opening of the first Urban Logistics Space in Concorde, we were rethinking our methods for reducing our carbon footprint.

Since 2019, Chronopost has invested €25 million to ensure lower-emission last-mile deliveries.

By 2022, Chronopost will have reached 25% of parcels delivered in low-emission vehicles and is aiming for 1 in 2 parcels by 2025.


«The future of delivery must take into account the expectations and consumption patterns of French people, who are increasingly sensitive to environmental issues.»

Benoit Frette
President of Chronopost

Chronopost's CSR (Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility) approach has been assessed every year since 2015 by Ecovadis, an independent rating organization. In 2022, Chronopost was among the top 1% of companies in its sector, with a score of 78/100, and was awarded the platinum medal.

Our key actions in 2022

Our commitments to the last mile

Chronopost is strongly committed to ensuring less polluting deliveries, in particular by developing a fleet of low-emission vehicles: electric or natural gas vehicles, cargo bikes, etc.

Chronopost's goal is to have 50% of deliveries made by low-emission vehicles by 2025. 

By 2022, there will have been more than 1,350 low-emission vehicles throughout the country.
67 cities are now 100% distributed by low-emission vehicles.


A rethink of urban delivery

Chronopost is limiting the impact of its activities in urban areas by reducing CO2 emissions, noise pollution, urban congestion and accident risks.

This is achieved by strengthening its presence in the heart of cities, with the establishment of Urban Logistics Areas (ULA). Easily accessible, ULAs allow flows to be centralized in the heart of cities and all parcels to be delivered with lighter, less polluting vehicles. ELUs are specially designed to limit the impact of their location (heating, lighting, waste management, etc.). 

Since 2018, Chronopost has also been developing Chrono City, or mini sites attached to a branch or ELU, allowing its customers to pick up their parcels directly, thus reducing the number of delivery points, multiple deliveries of the same parcel and the kilometers traveled. They also sometimes integrate various services: collection, franking and dispatch of parcels, provision of packaging material or test benches for testing electronic devices. 

As of 2022, we had 13 ELUs and 6 Chrono City. The majority of ELUs and Chrono City are supplied with electricity via the French cooperative Enercoop, a renewable energy supplier.

Towards low-emission deliveries throughout the transport chain

In addition to major advances in last-mile delivery, Chronopost is reducing the impact of its medium and long-distance routes by deploying natural gas and biofuel trucks. 

These vehicles with lower fine particle emissions will replace the diesel-powered trucks used until now to transport parcels from Chronopost's hubs located on the outskirts of cities to branches located in or near city centres. 

Since October 2021, Chronopost has been operating around 60 daily CNG (and bio-CNG) road links, representing 36% of heavy goods vehicle road links in the Paris region and 400,000 km per year. The objective is to reach 25% of all road links made by CNG (and Bio-GNV) heavy goods vehicles at national level by 2025.

To find out more about our commitment to responsibility, please refer to our CSR report 2021.

Read more about our responsible commitment in our 2022 CSR report.

Lean Management: day-to-day performance

At Chronopost, the continuous improvement approach aims to optimize processes, work across the board and be innovative and agile. Common sense and the elimination of waste are strongly encouraged for both support and business teams.

In order to achieve its objectives, Chronopost's Lean Management is based on three fundamentals: collective intelligence, the right thing to do and constant questioning. It is the implementation of these three fundamentals that enables our teams to instill a dynamic of continuous improvement and to strive for operational excellence in order to meet our customers' expectations.

Ethics and compliance: strong values at Chronopost

Ethics is a key element of Chronopost's sustainable development strategy and an integral part of our DNA. We have zero tolerance for corruption and any behaviour contrary to integrity and probity. Our commitments are specified in our code of conduct, which applies to all our staffers.

Downloading the code of conduct

We expect our suppliers and service providers to do the same by conducting their business ethically and responsibly, and to act in a manner that is not inconsistent with our own CSR challenges. As such, we call on our suppliers and service providers to abide and ensure compliance with all the principles detailed in our responsible purchasing charter.

Downloading the responsible purchasing charter

Chronopost provides its suppliers and service providers with a professional alert system, enabling them to report any breach in human rights and fundamental freedoms, health and safety of individuals, the environment and other principles of the Chronopost's Code of Conduct and Responsible Purchasing Charter, observed during the performance of their contract, as well as any act of corruption.

This right to alert can be exercised by sending an e-mail to the following secure e-mail address: ethiques@chronopost.fr.

Any person who has exercised a right to alert benefits from the whistleblower protection system (confidentiality, anonymity, protection of personal data, etc.).