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Our commitment
to sustainable business

As a sustainable business, Chronopost has been committed for 20 years to delivering your parcels while reducing its impact on the environment. We choose to make strong commitments related to our business in order to deeply reshape our activity.


DrivingChange is our CSR program. It is based on four key areas:


- Committing to carbon-neutral deliveries
- Tackling the challenge of smart urban deliveries
- Supporting innovative entrepreneurship
- Bridging the gap between business and civil society






Committing to carbon-neutral deliveries

Chronopost commits to an ambitious and voluntary environmental policy: we offer to all our clients carbon-neutral parcel deliveries at no additional cost.​

This carbon-neutrality is achieved in first place by a policy of ambitious carbon emissions reduction, and then by a carbon offsetting of all the remaining emissions. This process is allowed by evaluating and measuring the impact of our business..

  • The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Chronopost is a signatory to the Objectif CO2 charter since 2008. This charter is implemented by the Ademe (French public institution dedicated to environmental policies) and the Ministry of Sustainable Development. It sets a program of voluntary commitments on reducing CO2 emissions by goods road haulers. Our commitments under the charter cover four areas: vehicles, fuel, drivers and tour optimization.

We implemented many actions to reduce our environmental impact: development of our green vehicles fleet (electric vehicles, natural gas, cargo bikes…), tour optimisation, densification of our depots network, ecodriving… These actions resulted in a 35% drop of our CO2 emissions per parcel between 2012 and 2018.

Chronopost develops its alternative vehicles fleet, with already more than 300 vehicles (electric, natural gas, cargo bikes). 

Nous travaillons aussi à la diminution de l’impact environnemental de nos bâtiments . 6 de nos agences sont désormais alimentées en énergie 100% renouvelable grâce à notre partenaire Enercoop.


  • Carbon offsetting

Chronopost not only reduces its emissions but supports 2 clean and renewable energy projects to compensate 100% of its remaining emissions. These 2 projects are the development of wind-generated electricity in India and the production of energy through methanisation in Brazil.



Tackling the challenge of smart urban deliveries

In order to make the city a pleasant place to live while getting ever closer to our customers, we are focusing our efforts on the last mile by developing urban logistics centers, using alternative vehicles and implementing solutions such as PickUp points and Predict (a tour optimization tool).
We now have 7 urban logistics centers (in Paris, Marseille, Toulouse, Lille and Nice) and 5 ChronoCity which allow us to deliver in city centres using electric and VNG vehicles and cargo bikes. These urban depots allow us to start our delivery tours as close as possible to delivery and collection points, reducing the distances by 20% and thus decreasing pollution. We are also reducing noise pollution and city-centre congestion.
Finally, this central location is an opportunity to offer new services to our clients, such as fitting rooms or packaging material.

Since mid-2019, 100% of Chronopost’s deliveries in Paris are made with alternative vehicles (over 80% of electric vehicles as well as some NGV vehicles and cargo bikes). Our project is to deliver with a 100% green fleet the A86 perimeter (suburbs around Paris) and over 60 of the largest cities in France as soon as 2020, 2021 and 2022


Bridging the gap between business and civil society

Since 2014, we have been supporting non-profit organisations through partnerships and sports events. We organise every year the Chrono United Tour: our collaborators are invited to participate in a race and we support a charity with 5 euros per kilometer run. After having supported the Pasteur Institute, Solidarités International and Laurette Fugain, we are now in a partnership with Premiers de cordée, a charity that organizes sports events for sick and disabled children.

We also encourage local initiatives in our depots throughout France, such as hives installation in partnerships with beekeepers, the collection of food or equipment to donate to charities, the hiring of disabled workers…


Supporting innovative entrepreneurship

We are committed to improving our employees' quality of life at work, developing entrepreneurship and supporting innovative businesses in order to perform better and drive innovation.

We are increasing our partnerships with electric vehicle manufacturers and leasing companies to examine all the new opportunities and contribute to develop tomorrow’s green and efficient vehicle. Our cooperation with K-Ryole, a start-up designing and manufacturing electric-powered trailers for bike and on-foot delivery, is the perfect illustration of this kind of dynamic, innovative partnerships. It resulted in some new possibilities for clean delivery in cities.

Internally, we are implementing an ambitious policy on training in eco-friendly driving. Since 2008, we have trained over 1,600 employees and offer the course to all new drivers. Eco-driving reduces by 6% the fuel consumption, and also dropped the number of accidents.


Evaluation of Chronopost’s CSR policy

Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is evaluated each year by Ecovadis, an independant rating organisation. Chronopost is one of the 10% highest ranked societies of its business sector, with 68/100 in  2019. Chronopost reaches the Gold level every year since 2017.