About Chronopost

As the national leader in express parcel delivery of packages up to 30 kg, Chronopost delivers nearly 1 million parcels daily to businesses and individuals in France and internationally. In 2022, the company distributed more than 230 million parcels.

Chronopost is a member of Geopost, an international parcel delivery network and a holding company within the La Poste Group, which gives it privileged access to Geopost's global network.

As a result, Chronopost benefits from a network of approximately 19,500 local points in France (Chronopost agencies, post offices, and Pickup points) and serves 230 countries and territories worldwide.


For several years, Chronopost has pursued a diversification strategy, with three additional offerings that complement its historical expertise:

Chronofresh, a subsidiary of Chronopost, delivers food products at three temperature levels (ambient, chilled, frozen) while maintaining the cold chain, both within France and internationally, serving both professionals and individuals.

Serving professionals in the fields of biology, healthcare, and pharmacy, Chronopost Healthcare delivers healthcare products under controlled or ambient temperatures.

In order to adapt to new consumer trends, Chronopost has developed out-of-home delivery through its Shop2Shop division, leveraging a network of over 17,000 Pickup points.

230 million
parcels delivered
in 2022

100 agencies
5 Chrono City

12 Hubs
including the international
hub of Roissy



To provide excellent service to our customers 

According to our own statistics, nearly 9 out of 10 recipient customers are satisfied with their Chronopost delivery*. In order to meet the requirements of both professional and individual customers, Chronopost has introduced numerous tailored parcel delivery solutions in France and internationally. These unique solutions make it possible to transport and deliver all types of goods under optimal conditions. They cater to a wide range of needs, including express delivery, same-day or scheduled delivery, home delivery, or pickup point delivery, both in France and abroad, with precise package tracking thanks to the Predict tool.

*Satisfaction survey sent to all our recipient customers after a delivery since the summer of 2022.

Since 2021, Chronopost has been elected

According to a study conducted by Opinionway from April 6 to 7, 2023, with 1,023 respondents aged 18 and older, representative of the French population, in the Express delivery service category.


To be a player in the ecological transition 

In order to reduce the impact of its operations and optimize its deliveries, Chronopost is committed to sustainable urban logistics, with a particular focus on the last mile. This commitment involves developing a fleet of low-emission vehicles, including electric vehicles, natural gas vehicles, cargo bikes, and tricycles. Chronopost's goal is to have 50% of its deliveries made by low-emission vehicles by 2025.

To learn more about our Corporate Social Responsibility policy.


Attracting and developing Talent 

Chronopost is a dynamic company supported by 5,000 employees. The average length of service for these men and women within the company is 12 years.

According to the group's engagement barometer conducted by IPSOS, nearly 80% of Chronopost employees recommend their company and are engaged within it.

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Key Dates


Creation of Chronopost by the La Poste Group to address the need for express transportation in the French market.


Establishment of the Roissy - CDG International Hub

'Gateway to the world'


Creation of Geopost by the La Poste Group to house express transportation and parcel delivery activities. Chronopost becomes part of this branch.


Opening of the Chilly-Mazarin Hub

Handling 400,000 parcels daily at the facility


Launch of Chronofresh, the subsidiary of Chronopost for food delivery.


Acquisition of Biologistic, specialized in medical delivery under controlled temperature.


Acquisition of Delifresh for the food sector and 360° Services for the healthcare sector.


Launch of Shop2Shop to enter the C2C market.


Launch of the Chronopost Healthcare division to develop temperature-controlled healthcare delivery.


Paris and 67 cities in France delivered using low-emission vehicles.


The Executive Board

Comprising the President and the two General Directors of Chronopost, the Executive Board is responsible for the management and administration of the Company. It makes decisions on all matters related to the company's strategic directions and ensures their implementation.

 Benoît Frette


 Franck Philippe

 General Director of the
 Commerce,Marketing, and
 Customer Relationship Division

 Maxime Tupin

 General Director of the
 Administrative, Financial, Legal,
 and Communication Division

The Management Committee

The Management Committee coordinates the implementation of the company's strategy while also providing recommendations to the Executive Board.

 Nasser Benaïssa

 Director of National
 and International Operations

 Frédéric Bernard

 Director of the Chronopost
 Healthcare Division

 Mourad Bouziane

 Director of
 Human Resources

 Richard Chopineau

 Security Director

 Christophe Desgens

 President of Chronofresh

 Jean-Gilles Henaut

 Director of the
 Shop2Shop Division


 Anne-Sophie Lagorsse

 Director of 
 Innovation, Projects,
 and Customer Experience

 Grégoire Perret

 Director of
 Information Systems


 Pascal Triolé

 Director of Industry
 and Procurement