Avoid scam attempts

How to protect yourself from attempted fraud, if you receive an email or text message that you find suspicious. Here are the 5 rules to follow.


Beware of fraudulent messages

Some malicious people may try to recover your personal data or banking information. Never click on the link of an e-mail whose origin or issuing address you do not know.
Be vigilant and take some precautions.


Only answer emails that have been sent by Chronopost

Some of our customers have received fraudulent emails about parcel tracking. Look carefully at the sender's address and do not click on links in an email when you do not know where it has come from. Emails sent by Chronopost end with @chronopost.fr or @network.pickup.fr.
You may also receive satisfaction surveys from Chronopost. ​
If you receive a suspicious-looking message, you can forward it to the following address: abuse@chronopost.fr (address reserved solely for reporting cases of fraudulent emails).


Be watchful when you receive a text message notification

Some of our customers have received fraudulent text messages about their supposed parcel delivery. How can you recognise a text message from Chronopost? The parcel number or the name of the sender (or Chronopost by default) is specified in the text message. Chronopost notifications do not contain a telephone number nor ask you to call the number indicated. And you should always ask yourself: am I actually expecting a parcel?


Do not disclose your login details

Never give your Chronopost account number and login details to anyone; they are strictly confidential. Some customers have been contacted by telephone by individuals who claim to be from Chronopost and try to obtain the customer's Chronopost account number and login details. Never disclose this information; it is strictly confidential and personal.


Do not call back premium-rate telephone numbers

The telephone number for the Chronopost General-Public Customer Service is +33 (0)969 391 391 (standard rate call)
Telephone messages have been received by our customers asking them to call back a premium-rate number.
That number is not telephone number for our Customer Service.


Remember to ask the driver for his badge

Some people have pretended to be Chronopost drivers in order to collect parcel shipments. To protect yourself, please be watchful; do not hesitate to ask the driver to show his Chronopost badge.