Track your parcel

Fill a parcel, pickup-up or delivery notification number without any blank.

Ex : EE01002000FR

Beware of fraudulent messages

Like many companies, Chronopost is a victim of image hijacking aimed at deceiving its customers. Malicious individuals pretend to be Chronopost and expose you to fraud attempts, often via SMS or email.
⭢ To avoid scams, follow our advice.
⭢ If in doubt, forward the message to or the SMS to 33700.

How to track your package in real-time?

Chronopost's expertise also includes the ability to track your package shipment in real-time to any destination in France and internationally.
Thanks to our parcel tracking and location system, you can know the different stages of delivery for your documents and goods.
This free service is available online through the module above. Simply enter the parcel number to directly access all the information.

Absent during delivery? Discover the Predict service

Did you receive a message informing you of a package delivery with the option to reschedule the delivery?
With Chronopost's Predict service, the recipient can choose between delivery on another date, at a nearby location, in a safe place, or to a neighbor. For more information, visit the page dedicated to the Predict service, which details the different parcel rescheduling options.

Need help tracking your package?

Check out the FAQs or use our various helpful guides to assist you. You also have the option to use Léonard, Chronopost's chatbot assistant, who can answer all your questions about package tracking and location. Try Léonard by clicking on Need help? at the bottom right.