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Delivery parcels
by Chronopost

Attentive to the needs of its customers for more than 30 years, Chronopost has established itself as the leading French player in parcel delivery in France and abroad, for individuals and businesses alike.

Why ship using Chronopost?

  •   Chronopost, the French leader in express delivery
  •    More than 35 offers and products to ship domestically and internationally
  •   A network of 9,700 local pickup points in France and 36,000 in Europe for delivering your parcels
  •   Innovative services (parcel collection; insurance; delivery rescheduling)

  • More information in the Offers and Services pages


    Parcel delivery

    Benefit from Chronopost solutions for express, secure delivery suited to your every need

    A suitable parcel delivery service

    Because each delivery is unique, Chronopost adapts to your needs. Delivery in 2 to 5 days on average. Our offers are designed for the delivery of all your goods: standard parcels, sensitive products, foodstuffs, palettes, large volumes, etc. Delivery times and security also remain important for delivering your parcels. Chronopost ensures express and secure parcel delivery whatever the offer chosen and the destination in France and abroad.

    Unique parcel delivery solutions

    In order to satisfy your requirements, Chronopost has set up many offers for a tailor-made parcel delivery service in France and abroad. These unique solutions make it possible to transport and deliver all types of goods under optimal conditions. They take into account what matters to you:

  • Express delivery times
  • Secure delivery
  • Shipping in France and abroad
  • Simplified returns and exchanges
  • Easy processing, drop-off, collection
  • Consideration of the specific characteristics of goods
  • Proposed insurance of goods

  • Chronopost's expertise also includes the Predict service, which allows you to reschedule parcel deliveries.

    Specific services for the handling of parcels

    Chronopost offers allow you to handle your parcels from Monday to Friday and on Saturdays upon request. Depending on the offer chosen, parcels can be dropped off in different ways for greater flexibility:

  • At a Post Office
  • At a Chronopost depot
  • At a local Pickup point (where you no longer need to print the shipping label with the e-label service)
  • Having a parcel delivered in France or abroad

    Your parcel delivery needs can indeed extend beyond French mainland borders. Chronopost serves 230 countries

    and regions worldwide. Whatever the destination, in France or abroad, there is an offer suited to your goods. For parcels sent abroad, Chronopost provides you with country fact sheets giving specific information for each destination (delivery times, public holidays, customs restrictions, etc.).