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Chronopost creates "fresh" delivery


The food market is changing, with a new business model: "the local at home"

Consumer buying preferences are changing, thanks to the e-commerce boom and the trend for "eating better, but eating less" by opting for local produce.
The players in this market - both on the producer side and in the food industry - are preparing for this change by reviewing their distribution channels and inventing a new model: getting the products where they come from and bringing them to where there is demand.

With Chronofresh, we are launching a new standard of express delivery and a new customer experience, with the express delivery of food products (dried, fresh or frozen) throughout France*, guaranteeing maximum freshness. This service is aimed at all professionals in the food industry: e-merchants, industries, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, artisans and producers for delivery to businesses and private consumers.
We plan to invest 20 million euros by 2020 to deploy an infrastructure dedicated to food products at the heart of our network, for transport and delivery in full compliance with the the cold chain.

A  new driver for expansion for our customers that ship food products, and an innovative solution for their consignees, whether they be private consumers, retailers or restaurant owners...
In a country rich in flavors and delicacies, it would be remiss of us not to take advantage! 


*Throughout France in September 2016