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09 January 2024
Validité info : 14 January 2024


Dear customers, 

International news may impact your shipments.

Luxembourg: heavy rain and flooding may cause delays in affected areas
Japan: following the earthquake in Ishikawa region, deliveries are disturbed 

Geopolitical events
In view of the geopolitical situation in these countries, pick-ups and deliveries are currently disturbed in these destinations: 
Israel: several areas are still suspended
Palestine: the Gaza region is still closed to deliveries and pickups.

Pickups and deliveries are still suspended in these countries:
Central African Republic (since 03/13/2023)
Russia, Belarus (since 03/01/2022) and Ukraine (since 02/24/2022)

We invite you to follow the delivery of your parcels on www.chronopost.fr

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