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Will I be reimbursed in case of damage? What should I do if my parcel arrives damaged ?

If you are the addressee:  
When receiving the parcel, you must express your reservations on the sign-off form provided for this purpose, in the presence of the driver. Your reservations must be accurate, complete, dated and signed. They must allow us to determine the nature of the goods damaged, the number of items affected and the extent of the damage. You will then need to contact your sender.

If you are the sender:
If Chronopost has been established as liable, you will be compensated for the original value of the goods, the amount of the repairs required or the direct costs incurred to restore the documents, up to a maximum of €250 per parcel, which may be claimed against receipts. 

You can insure the transported goods up to €5,000 per parcel in the event of loss or damage (insurance options: €500 - €1,000 - €2,000 - €5,000).

Please contact Customer Service no later than 14 days (for domestic shipments) and 21 days (for international shipments) after delivery.


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