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How can I get proof of delivery of my parcel ?

For your shipments made online: 
Log in to My Area -> "my shipments" or on Chronotrace 
This free service will allow you to view the copy of the distribution slip (in .pdf format) with the stamp or the signature of your recipient. You will then be able to print or e-mail your scanned proof of delivery which constitutes legal proof. (Please note: In the case of collection from a pick-up point, the digitised signature constitutes proof).

For your Ready-to-Ship parcels or shipments sent with a manual shipping label:
Enter your shipping number and enter your code or key number (shown on the "Shipper" slip next to the shipping number).

Proof of delivery is not available immediately on delivery of your parcel: for your shipments in France, your proof of delivery is available the day after delivery.
If the proof is not available after this period or if the service can not be accessed, please contact Customer Service.

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