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Vital, time-sensitive and temperature-controlled deliveries in Ile-de-France

Same day France

Looking for a service adapted to your urgent medical and pharmaceutical deliveries in  Ile-de-France?

With 360 Degrés Services, we make vital and time-sensitive deliveries 24/7 in Ile-de-France for your temperature-controlled products.


Detailed features


Deliveries in Ile-de-France are completed within:
  • 45 minutes: critical emergency
  • 1h15: urgent service
  • or 3h: normal service.
360 Degrés Services also offers express 24h delivery everywhere in metropolitan France, on request.


360 Degrés Services offers vital runs in Ile-de-France and express delivery in metropolitan France.


Urgent transportation of medical teams and healthcare products : 

  • Personnel: transplant teams, transplant coordinators, surgeons, nurses.
  • Transplants: organs, anatomical parts, stem cells (bone marrow HSCs, PSCs, cord blood).
  • Labile blood products: RBCs, APCs, FFP, FTP.
  • Hazardous materials: biological samples (UN3373, UN2814, UN2900), hospital waste (IMW), cytotoxic products.
  • Medical material:  reusable medical devices (sterilisation), laboratory machines, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical products: medications, therapies, treatments, hospitalisation at home (HAH).

Temperature-controlled delivery

  • Ambient
  • Controlled ambient +15°C/+25°C 
  • Positive cold +2°C/+8°C 
  • Negative cold -20°C or -80°C (dry ice)
  • Cryogenic cold -196°C (Nitrogen vapour)


Get more details on all solutions transport of 360° Services :

  • On the 360° Services website : www.360degresservices.com
  • By email : commercial@360degresservices.com
  • By phone : +33 (0)1 45 44 10 10