Send parcel with QR code

Would you like to send a parcel but you don't have a printer to print the transport label, or can't print it?

It is now possible with an "e-label", Chronopost's latest innovation. You can now drop off your parcel at one of the 7,800 local retailers in Pickup point network in metropolitan France (tobacconists, news agents, florists, grocery stores, etc.) without having to print a shipping label and stick it on your parcel!


How does the e-label service work ?


1.    Prepare your shipping label online at www.chronopost.fr/en with one of the shipping tools: E-chrono, Step-by-Step or 1-click tool. You will then receive an email containing a QR code.

2.    Go to your nearest Pickup point with your parcel.

3.    Show the retailer the QR code using your smartphone.

4.    Hand over your parcel to the retailer

5.    Retrieve the slip proving you dropped the parcel off at the Pickup point.


It is also convenient for third parties: whether they are customers, sales representatives or even technicians on the road!


Discover the e-label service in video