Expertise in the healthcare sector

Chronopost Healthcare, a leader in the healthcare product delivery market:

  • Pharma
  • Biology
  • Urgent delivery

Our healthcare expertise has been established for 15 years: Chronopost is the French leader in transporting medical products at room temperature (medical devices, medications, etc.). The company also offers temperature-controlled transport solutions, the demand for which is rapidly growing.

Chronopost Healthcare is the benchmark in the express transport market for all medical products, even the most sensitive ones, at controlled or ambient temperatures, destined for professionals in the pharmaceutical and medical biology industries.

Pharma and medical devices

Need to deliver to doctors, laboratories, pharmacies, hospitals... within 24 hours at ambient and controlled temperatures?

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Medical and environmental biology

Need to deliver to professionals in biology at controlled temperatures? Need dedicated inter-laboratory rounds?

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Urgent healthcare delivery

Need urgent healthcare transportation? Grafts, labile blood products... Our subsidiary 360° Services is the expert in urgent medical and pharmaceutical transportation.

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Sales contact

From creating your shipping labels for sending parcels to handing and delivering them using increasingly innovative tracking tools, let's discuss which service is best for you.