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The right treatment, at the right time, delivered by a partner specialized in urgent deliveries.

Chrono Medical was launched in 2005. Over the past ten years, we have acquired unrivalled expertise in carrying out deliveries to healthcare professionals (e.g. hospitals/clinics, laboratories, pharmacies and wholesalers/distributors) so that you can concentrate on looking after your patients. We currently process over 60,000 healthcare-related parcels a day.
Over the years, our drivers have developed expertise in delivering healthcare products, while factoring in the specific needs of your consignees (knowing opening hours, observing department-specific rules and parcel drop-off locations, etc.).



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Urgent matters

Delivery times to suit the needs of your consignees.

  • Urgent deliveries for hospitals and clinics: your parcels are delivered the next day before 8am or 9am (option available on study).
  • Early deliveries for laboratories, hospitals/clinics and pharmacies: deliveries arrive the next day before 10am in 25,000 municipalities.
  • Majority of needs in the healthcare sector: deliveries arrive across France the next day before 1pm.
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A dedicated process

Handling healthcare products requires specific organization. All of the stages of routing are tailored to meet sector-specific requirements.

We comply with Delivery Best Practices and receivedCertipharm Certification in March 2010. This helps us to keep our operations processes in line with the “Delivery Best Practices” set out in the French Public Health Code. The certification also validates a quality system and the implementation of a specific organization to process andtransport pharmaceutical goods to a high level of quality and security.

  • Teams with specific market knowledge: a healthcare officer at each depot, healthcare customer service advisers and a pharmacistspecialized in the delivery of healthcare products.
  • A specific label for items, making for more effective identification.
  • Parcels kept upright.
  • Doubling signing procedure upon delivery.
  • Pending parcels in Chronopost depots (no drop-off available in post offices) with a call made to the sender to get delivery instructions.
  • Separate storage area for pending parcels and cold room facilities, if required.
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Healthcare products

Chrono Medical ensures your sensitive goods are not forgotten.

Under certain conditions, we can handle your dangerous, biological and thermosensitive goods in order to comply with the regulations in force and guarantee the quality of the goods you are sending.

  • Healthcare products: non-thermosensitive medication and reagents and medical devices,
  • Thermosensitive products: medication and reagents requiring temperature-controlled carriage and the use of appropriate packaging,
  • Dangerous products: medical products regulated in line with the ADR*,
  • Thermosensitive dangerous products: dangerous products under the ADR requiring temperature-controlled carriage and the use of specially adapted packaging.

* European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.

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