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Delivering pallets to the United States

Express (international) World

Looking to deliver pallets to your US customers fast?   

With Chrono Fret US, enjoy fast and affordable delivery of your pallets, from metropolitan France to the United States.

Detailed features


Weight > 30 kg  ≤ 1200 kg transportable 
Volumetric weight L x l x h (cm) / 6000  



L ≤ 140 cm                L x l x h (cm) / 6000  
l ≤ 120 cm                 (tax applied to weight 
h ≤ 160 cm                volume, if vol. weight > actual weight)



The delivery times of your pallets to the United States vary according to the destination city. No compensation will be awarded in the event of non-compliance with the delivery time.


Chronopost collects your pallets from anywhere in metropolitan France (excluding coastal islands) for delivery to the United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).


Your pallets are collected from Monday to Friday from the address provided by the sender.
Any orders confirmed by a business prior to 3:00 pm will be collected the next day.


Ad Valorem Insurance  

You can insure the transported goods up to €60,000 per parcel, provided the premium has been paid, in the event of loss or damage, including force majeure, upon presentation of receipts. 
For more information, please consult our Chrono Fret US Special Terms and Conditions of Sale by contacting your sales representative.


Generally speaking, the following goods are prohibited:

  • any goods covered by national or international regulations on hazardous products, such as, but not limited to, munitions, gases, flammable, radioactive, toxic, infectious or corrosive materials and all items which, due to their nature or packing, may be dangerous for drivers or handling staff, the environment or the safety of transport vehicles or could damage or harm the other parcels carried, vehicles or third parties;  
  • jewellery, watches and clocks, precious stones and metals, coins, currency, bank notes, financial stock, securities or payment instruments, bills of exchange, gift vouchers, telephone cards or equivalent and, generally, any paper document or document on another type of medium used to make a fungible payment and/or governed by cash transportation regulations;
  • animals or living persons or corpses, plants, goods under controlled temperatures or perishable foodstuffs and all excise goods under suspension of duties ;
  • firearms, weapons of war or collector’s weapons, loaded or unloaded, drugs, psychotropic substances, works of art, antiques, publications or audio-visual materials prohibited by any applicable laws or regulations ; 
  • tender bids, pre-qualification files for the award of procurement contracts and exam sheets. 

The aforementioned items as well as furs and all items that may not be imported into the destination country will not be accepted for international shipments.

For more information, please consult our General Terms and Conditions of Sale by contacting your sales representative.


To send any goods, the waybill must be accompanied by 3 copies of the invoice:

  • The commercial invoice for goods intended for resale
  • The pro forma invoice for goods not intended for resale (private)