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Assurance Ad Valorem Chronopost Colis

Ad Valorem Insurance
To insure your parcel shipments

What is Ad Valorem insurance?

Ad Valorem insurance is an optional insurance policy, notably proposed through the E-chrono online shipping module, which covers any losses or damage to goods shipped in France or abroad, according to their declared value, even in the event of force majeure.

The insured value automatically replaces the compensation cap in the event Chronopost is contractually liable for any loss or damage.

How does Ad Valorem insurance work ?

You can insure the transported goods for up to €5,000 per parcel for any loss or material damage, including cases of force majeure, upon presentation of receipts (insurance options: €500 - €1000 - €2000 - €5000). It does not cover non-material damage, such as claims or grievances caused by a late delivery or indirect losses (such as lost business, lost profits, loss of use, etc.).

Moreover, the insurance does not cover goods or documents that are subject to handling restrictions, faults or wrongdoing attributable to the sender or recipient, defects affecting the item shipped, inadequate packaging, acts of terrorism, civil uprisings, riots, circumstances due to war or any nuclear damage. Since the insurance is taken out by Chronopost on the sender’s behalf, the latter has the right to make a direct claim to the insurer to obtain compensation for the loss sustained. For more information, please consult our General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

As the sender, you must declare the value of the goods transported for the full amount and pay the corresponding premium before shipping.

For business customers under contract with Chronopost, the compensation cap may be increased to €20,000 per parcel. For more information, please contact one of our salespeople.


How to take out Ad Valorem insurance ?

  • On Chronopost.fr

Pour tout achat en ligne, vous pouvez souscrire à l’assurance Ad Valorem dans la partie “option”, pour garantir le bien transporté jusqu’à 5.000 € par colis en cas de perte ou d’avarie.

  • By opting a PAE

You can take out Ad Valorem insurance when you drop off your parcel at a Chronopost Branch, Postal agency or at the Post Office.​


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