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Our offers and benefits

Find below all our offers and benefits E-Chrono.


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Chrono10 Delivery between 8am and 10am in over 25,000 towns and cities across metropolitan France. List of eligible post codes for Chrono 10 at www.chronopost.fr.
Chrono13 Next-day delivery before 1pm in metropolitan France and Monaco. For some islands off the coast, the delivery lead time can be extended by one day. For deliveries to Corsica and on the day after a public holiday, deliveries may be made at any time during the day without any time commitment. 
Chrono Relais Next-day delivery to one of 15 000 Pickup Points. List of Pickup Points at www.chronopost.fr.
Chrono Classic Delivery to 28 countries and territories. Average estimated delivery times from two to four days for main destinations. More information at www.chronopost.fr.
Chrono Express Delivery to 230 countries and territories. Average estimated delivery times from one to three days for the main economic centers and two to six days for other destinations. More information at www.chronopost.fr.
Chrono Relais Europe Delivery between two and four days to one of 36,000 Pickup Points in Europe. List of Pickup Points at www.chronopost.fr.
Chrono Relais Dom Delivery between four and five days to one of 130 Pickup Points in the French overseas departments (DOM). List of Pickup Points at www.chronopost.fr.


Our benefits Further information
Signature on delivery and/or company stamp for your shipments sent using Chrono10, Chrono13  Signature on delivery and/or company stamp for your parcels.
Signature on delivery for your shipments sent using Chrono Relais, Chrono Relais Europe, Chrono Relais Dom, Chrono Classic or Chrono Express Signature on delivery for your parcels.
Insurance of shipped goods (in the event of loss or damage).

 For all your shipments of documents or goods in France and around the world up to 30 kg, Chronopost shall be liable in the event of proven loss or material damage, upon presentation of documentary proofs, be held :

  • for professionals, up to the original value of the goods on the day of the loss, the cost of their repair or the direct costs of recreating documents, subject to a limit of € 250 per parcel. For all documents or goods using Chrono Classic or Chrono Relais Europe, in the event of loss or damage, Chronopost is liable for the actual value of the goods, the amount of repairing the goods or the direct costs of drawing up the documents again up to €33 per kg up to a maximum of €1,000 per parcel upon presentation of receipts. 
  • for consumers, in accordance with the provisions of the standard transport contract applicable to public road transport, shown in Appendix II of article D3222-1 of the Transport Code.
Interactive delivery with Predict for all your Chronopost shipment Provided a mobile telephone number and/or email address for the consignee is indicated on the waybill. More information at www.chronopost.fr.
Online parcel tracking You can track your parcels on line at www.chronopost.fr.


In general, the following will not be handled:

any goods within the scope of domestic or international regulations on dangerous products such as, but not only, ammunition; gases; or inflammable, radioactive, toxic, infectious, or corrosive materials; or any objects that by their nature or packaging may endanger drivers or handling personnel, the environment, or transport vehicle safety, or that may damage the other parcels being transported, vehicles, or third parties; 

- jewelry; clocks and watches; precious stones and metals; coins; currency; banknotes; financial instruments or transferable securities; payment instruments or means; debt securities or commercial paper; gift certificates; telephone cards or their equivalent; or in general, any paper document or other fungible medium that makes payment possible and/or is subject to cash-in-transit law;

- animals of any kinds living or dead; plants; goods under controlled temperature; perishables products or goods; biological or blood sample; organs; or any product subject to suspended excise taxes;

- all types of weapons; narcotics; psychotropic drugs; pieces of art, artwork; antiques; collector’s goods; or publications or audiovisual materials prohibited by any applicable law;

- responses to calls for tenders; prequalification files in the context of procurement contract awards; application files and copies of examination papers; and all prototypes.

For international destinations the items covered by the above restrictions will not be handled together with furs and items prohibited from being imported into the destination country.

To find out more, you can consult our Terms and Conditions by clicking here.