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Our sectoral

Delivering to a hospital, private customer or wine-maker and transporting confidential information, prototypes and dangerous material requires catering to specific sector needs.

Your business sector require a suitable transport solution and specific tools.

E-commerce and distribution

You are constantly improving your services to ensure your brand gives consumers the most straightforward, fluid and pleasant experience!
You expect the same from delivery services. MyChrono allows you to let your customers choose from a comprehensive range of services.


Since your items should be delivered without any problems, our Chrono Medical service adapts to the organization of your customers in compliance with Delivery Best Practices.


We offer products and services tailored to your sector so that you can meet your customers' logistics requirements: zero inventory, just-in-time production, fast production, customer satisfaction, and so on.


Well aware of the fragile and high-tech nature of the products delivered in the IT, electronics and telecommunications sector, we have created a range of  services that cater to the tight lead times and security and reliability requirements of your sector.


A comprehensive service dedicated to wine-makers, cooperatives, wholesalers and any other company looking to ship alcohol across France and abroad.